Ken je App

concept // ux // design // front-end // copy

Seniors are easily overlooked when it comes to technology and its software. Lots of apps are claimed to be easy to use, but most of them can barely be used by seniors. They are often ignored in the design proces, even though there are plenty of seniors who want to use apps on their tablets and phones.

Time to make elders part of modern society. The goal of this product is to make seniors familiar with the basics of using an application. This is done by letting them play an old and familiar game. Game of the Goose. The game lets players play the classical game on its own board. The only thing that the game takes over is the task of the dice.

By doing it in the game it can provide information and interactions to the players. Each turn the current player gets the tablet so there is only one in the game. Meanwhile the game can present a task to a player which is related to an interaction of an application.