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How can an interface help the user utilize their energy management system that they have installed in their home?

Maxem is currently only for meant for one type of person, but it doesn't keep in mind the people surrounding that person in their household. Maxem provides them raw data that still needs to be analyzed so the user can use it to live more sustainable. To solve that the platform needs to speak the users language and support them towards goal to live more sustainable

First step to become sustainable. Maxem is an EMS that can manage the power that is coming from your solar panels and where it goes to. Currently it can only send this to your heating pump, charging pole of your electric car and home battery. With all that, including the power that comes from the grid, it manages the power being used in your house to make it more sustainable.

The main purpose of the product is to inform people about what's going on in their house and what Maxem is doing. It makes sure that users are informed with relevant and easy to understand data. With that it focusses on the first step: knowing what's going on and how if they are living systainable or not. This version of the product doesn't include tips or advice to help them, but that would be a next step for a future version.