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This is my graduation project. For this project I had the following challenge:

How can a refugee be helped with the preparation of his or her job interview with an NGO, so the refugee can go with confidence into their job interview?

NewBees is an organisation with an online platform to help the refugees in the Netherlands looking for a volunteering position, internship or job. Based on the skills and talents of the refugees NewBees looks for local organizations for them to match with. By working the refugees get acquinted with the Dutch language and culture, but they also get to work on their resume.

To find a matching job and landing it isn't easy for the refugees. With language as a barrier it's difficult for NewBees to understand what the refugee can and can't do and what they want. This causes difficulties for NewBees and the refugees themselves to find a fitting job. With communication as the first and biggest barrier this project focusses on that.

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