Social Charging

ux // design // motion

The city, Amsterdam, there are 1.138 car charging stations spread throughout the city. Each charging station comes with two parking spots exclusive for electric cars. The cars only need 8 hours at most to charge their car, but the owners tend to leave their car longer than that at the parking spots. This has become an obstacle to other car users, since less charging stations are available with this behaviour. With that said. How can we improve on the behaviour of electric car owners so they share parking spots with charging stations by making it a more social thing?

Let's start by giving back. Out of the interviews I held with car owners in Amsterdam it was a clear giveaway that no one wants to just give away their parking spot. It's safe to say that it is one of the more valued things there. For electric cars it's less of a problem since they have their own exclusive parking spots, but they are limited. That's why electric car owners tend to leave their car on those parking spots for the whole day.

This solution is a small step towards a bigger one. By directly finding and requesting a parking spot this solution doesn't become a burden. It's there to bring people to come together and share. As an incentive users receive a reward for giving their parking spot based on when they react to the request.